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FISCAL is credit analysis software focused on your success.

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Quick and Easy Implementation

Our expert implementation team helps institutions of all shapes and sizes get going fast. We’ll walk you through an efficient three-step process that gets the software up and running in under an hour. Getting started with credit analysis software has never been easier!

Training and Support

Weekly webinars and training videos get new users of our financial spreading and loan exception tracking software up to speed right away. Frequent check-ins through the first few weeks help you master the basics quickly, and we’re here to consult about specific deals, relationships or scenarios all along the way.

Customer Engagement

We are always on the lookout for improvements in our to help you get things done better, faster and more easily!  Our Product Team actively solicits input throughout the year and many new features come directly from user suggestions.

FISCAL helps you maximize your investment in our software.

Convenient Support

With many bank software companies, contacting support is a huge pain and takes forever, but our top priority is helping you get back to work quickly. For questions about our software, technical assistance, or just a deal structure you’d like to talk through – most people get the help they need and get back to work in 10 minutes or less. 

Expert Consultation

We know financial statement spreading and loan exception tracking inside and out, so we can answer most questions. And when users call with issues that go beyond our expertise in credit and loan analysis, we offer an outstanding resource to help: on-demand access to business lending experts, DFTC. Since 2003, DFTC has worked with lenders, providing the depth and expertise to extend their underwriting capabilities through training, consultation, and outsourced services.

Weekly Webinars

Regularly scheduled FISCAL 101 and 102 level trainings equip new bank and credit union users of our financial spreading software to hit the ground running, and feature-focused deep dives make it easy for everyone, even seasoned users, to keep learning. With easy access to free training, people naturally progress from working with the basics to gaining efficiencies from advanced features like CRE Sensitivity and Credit Memos.

Training Videos

Our how-to videos can be viewed anytime, and the short, topical tutorials let you focus on what you need to know right now. So you don’t have to dig through the User Manual or search through a full-length training session when all you need is a refresher.  

FISCAL helps you get the most out of our software.

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