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Financial Statement Spreading Software

Streamline your underwriting by effectively balancing consistency and flexibility with financial statement spreading software.

Standardized Input Consistent Output Flexible Process

Standardized Input

Easy data entry in familiar spreadsheet templates for tax returns and financial statements

Our automated financial spreading software reduces time spent in financial statement analysis modifying Excel spreadsheets and formulas with our clear, intuitive templates for business, personal and CRE financials, pre-set with a standard chart of accounts, and tax returns mapped line by line to IRS forms. Add Sub accounts and Schedules with just a few clicks.

From your first deal in FISCAL SPREADING, our simplified data entry gets you to financial analysis quickly, so your time is focused on the things that matter in your financial spreads.

Consistent Output

Clear, concise presentation and credit analysis in easy-to-read, one-page reports

Eliminate confusion and frustration in financial spreading when dealing with inconsistent Excel– and Word-based reports where order, format and content of income statements and balance sheets vary from person to person. Our summary reports highlight key information for decision-makers, while finely-tuned expanded versions offer clean, logical layouts, so anyone can quickly recognize and assess important details.

Report options can be easily saved and easily changed when spreading financial statements, producing predictable reports focused on your priorities.

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Flexible Process

Quick, convenient adjustments with built-in capacity to capture real-world scenarios

Avoid the headache of rigid systems in bank financial spreading software intended for large banks with large borrowers submitting audited financials. Our financial statement analysis spreads accommodate the reality that tax returns may not accurately reflect cash flow, so you can adjust it directly and substitute CPLTD with Debt Service entries. Responsive Global Cash Flow options let you include the businesses, people and loans in each deal.

We understand how financial statement analysis in small community banks works, so the approach of our bank credit analysis software, and financial spreading automation solutions keeps you focused on getting the job done.

Do what YOU do. Better, faster, and more easily with our financial statements spreading software.


Global Cash Flow

  • Multiple Businesses
  • Multiple People
  • Multiple Loans
  • Flexible Calculation Options

Business and Personal Spreads

  • Tax Returns
  • Annual or Interim Financial Statements or Interim Financial Statements
  • Projections
  • Trailing Twelves

20+ Standard Reports

  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed Analysis
  • One-click Narrative
  • RMA Benchmark Comparisons
  • 300+ unique graphs and charts

Credit Memos

  • Fully-editable in Microsoft Word
  • Highly customizable
  • Use multiple credit analysis process templates, and credit statement spreading systems for different purposes

CRE Sensitivity

  • Stress Tests by Vacancy, Interest and Capitalization Rates
  • Rent Rolls
  • DSCR & LTV Sensitivity

Our Tools Work the Way You Work.

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