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Does FISCAL Forward include Global Cash Flow analysis?

Yes. We have designed FISCAL Forward knowing that Global Cash Flow and Debt Service Analysis is the critical factor in credit decisions. FISCAL Forward makes it easy to incorporate multiple businesses, people, and loans in a comprehensive, flexible, and detailed Global Cash Flow and Debt Service Analysis.

Can FISCAL Forward produce a Credit Memo/Loan Presentation

Yes, FISCAL Forward includes a Board-ready Credit Memo which meets the needs of many institutions right out of the box. This editable Microsoft Word document provides consistency and standardization while allowing flexibility. Custom credit memos are also available.

What about tracking financial statements?

FISCAL TRACKING is a dedicated tickler system software for financial statements, documents, loan covenants, and more. It is not a module tacked onto a statement spreading program. If tracking is your only priority, it can be deployed as a stand-alone solution.

Is FISCAL web-based? Who will have access to the data?

FISCAL’s databases and applications are designed to reside in your institution’s environment. Your data is controlled and owned by you and is secured behind your firewalls. Our software does not have any back doors and we do not access, mine, or sell your information.

How easy is it to install the software?

A typical installation requires about an hour from your IT staff, and we will be with you every step of the way.

How quickly can I be up and running?

Unlike some solutions, our products are designed to be used “out of the box.”
FISCAL Forward includes all of the financial statement templates and reports you need to begin using the software immediately.
FISCAL TRACKING includes a set of standard ticklers that meets the needs of many institutions. You can tailor this set as needed.

Can FISCAL integrate with our core system?

Yes. We offer core integration to help increase efficiency and eliminate redundant data entry. Our team is experienced in facilitating the process, and most of the time it can be accomplished without involving the core vendor.

Do you offer training?

Yes. From “How-to” videos to live webinars, we offer a variety of training options to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

What if I need support?

We offer user and technical support via phone and email. Our friendly and experienced support team resolves most questions and issues during the initial call. No phone queues, no support tickets – just the help you need.

What’s the price?

FISCAL Forward and FISCAL TRACKING are priced competitively for community banks and credit unions of all sizes. We have large customers and small customers and solutions to meet their needs.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes. We offer a personalized tour of the software – to take the first step call us at 800.248.5550.

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