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FISCAL makes financial spreading and tickler tracking easy for community banks

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Standardized System

Streamline Data Entry with Multiple Templates

Financials come from small business customers in a variety of formats – internal financials, business tax returns of various types, personal tax returns, etc. As every loan officer and credit analyst knows, the process of reformatting, mapping, and consolidating accounts into a single Excel template takes a fair bit of time and effort. 

And any changes made to the Excel template, like copy/pasting rows, inserting new rows, or deleting rows, requires double-checking of every single formula to ensure accuracy and worksheet functionality. 

FISCAL offers community banks the opportunity to simplify, streamline, and customize data entry templates all while ensuring accuracy across the board. Get started right out of the box with multiple templates that maintain the look and feel of the Excel worksheets you’re used to working in while eliminating concerns about formula errors and spreadsheet integrity. Plus, you can create your own custom templates so you don’t have to make the same changes over and over again. 

But that’s not all. You can utilize FISCAL’s optional tax return scanning interface features to eliminate manual data-entry altogether. Powerful AI scans the tax return and fills in most of the relevant data for you, while still allowing you to make changes if needed.

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Consistent Communication 

Consistent and Clear Credit Packages  

Consistency is key to saving time, money, and a lot of frustration among your team and Loan Committee. Excel and other manual processes result in an enormous amount of variation. Worksheets can look different from deal to deal or officer to officer. If your Loan Committee is tired of flipping through pages to find a single value, then FISCAL is for you. 

Consistent and clearly formatted reports enables everyone on your team, from officers and analysts to c-suite, to find exactly what they’re looking for in seconds. From business and personal financial analysis, to multi-entity global cash flow and debt service coverage, your team will see the same information in the same place every single time. Use out-of-the-box report sets and deals to ensure efficiency, consistency, and accuracy across all of your deals. 

FISCAL also has Credit Memo templates for new loans, renewals, and annual reviews. Standard Credit Memo templates provide a logical, intuitive approach to structuring the “story” of the credit request and create a Word document output, balancing smart automation with flexibility and end-user control. Already have a Credit Memo template?  FISCAL’s tool can populate its fields directly into your existing Word or Excel document.

Stop wasting time formatting your data and get back to analyzing with FISCAL.

Flexible Process

Tickler Tracking, Reports, and Letters

Loan Officers are consistently trapped in a Catch-22. They need to spend time prospecting for new business. But the more loans they book, the more items they need to collect and track on an ongoing basis. That means, there’s less time to capture new business. 

Sure, you can outsource your tracking to a back-office resource. But that makes it even harder to have visibility into what you have – and what you still need. 

But what if tickler tracking, reporting, and letter generation was streamlined and automated?

FISCAL’s checklists give everyone real-time visibility into what loan documents or covenants are still needed. Auto Reports can automatically inform officers of what they need to collect and be sorted to prioritize most past-due items, largest relationships, etc. With FISCAL, you can easily show examiners and auditors that you know exactly what you have and what you need, and that you are communicating regularly with your borrowers to collect outstanding items.

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Fixes the key issues with Excel while maintaining necessary flexibility

FISCAL is not a one-size-fits-all, rigid, end-to-end, system used by larger banks

Third-generation family owned company

Designed for small business lending, not large commercial deals

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