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FISCAL is credit analysis software built for you.

Don’t let tedious and error-prone spreadsheets slow you down; boost efficiency and accuracy in your loan management. Streamline financial analysis, eliminate errors, and stay ahead of the competition.

Who is FISCAL for?

FISCAL Forward and FISCAL TRACKING provides credit analysis software for banks and credit unions, to help effectively handle their small business lending.

People usually buy FISCAL because they have outgrown Excel for financial statement spreading and loan exception tracking, and need a more capable credit analysis software solution. They like Excel’s flexibility, but are looking to increase the efficiency of the input and the consistency of the output — they need better tools.

Our loan analysis and financial spreading tools are built for people who typically work with tax returns, not audited financials, and put together deals that rely on the strength of the guarantor in order to cash flow. FISCAL customers include departments of one and those with dozens of users, but they’re all similarly focused on Global Cash Flow and don’t want credit analysis software to “just do it for them,” because their deals require the kind of adjustments only human beings can make. If this sounds familiar, we work with people just like you all the time, and our financial statement spreading and loan exception tracking software is built for you!

FISCAL is focused on you.

Statement Spreading and Analysis

FISCAL Forward streamlines your underwriting process — without imposing structures that really work for large banks with large borrowers, not small business lending. Because we understand how community banks and credit unions work, we can keep you focused on your priorities by delivering standardization, consistency and flexibility. FISCAL Forward is financial spreading software for small community banks and credit unions.


Reduce time spent with easy data entry.


Eliminate confusion and frustration with predictable reports and options.


Avoid the headache of rigid systems with convenient, real-world adjustments.

Exception and Tickler Tracking

FISCAL TRACKING streamlines your process for tracking loan exceptions, financial ticklers, and other loan documents with a system that works great right out of the box, and built-in flexibility to make changes globally or on the fly. Whether the department handles 20 loans or 20,000, we make it easy for community banks and credit unions to keep their portfolios clean. If you’re a credit union or community bank, FISCAL TRACKING is the loan exception and tickler system for you.


Stay ahead of exceptions with built-in components and an intuitive process.


Keep everyone in sync with real time insight.


Make easy, case-by-case adjustments as needed.


FISCAL Forward and FISCAL TRACKING streamlines financial spreading and loan exception tracking for community banks and credit unions, effectively balancing consistency and flexibility.

People find it easy to use the familiar spreadsheet templates and checklist formats, gaining the efficiency of standardized input, without losing the option to make necessary, real-world modifications to a given deal. And they appreciate that our bank credit analysis software offers the ability to add as much or as little detail as needed, without artificially rigid requirements.

FISCAL is not an end-to-end, assembly line solution with black box auto-decisioning and a one-size-fits-all workflow. Our loan analysis software works with YOUR processes, equipping you to do what you do better, faster and more easily.

FISCAL helps you get the job done.

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