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Exception & Tickler Tracking

Streamline your tracking with our flexible, automated process using FISCAL’s exception & Tickler tracking.

Standardized System Consistent Communication Flexible Process

Standardized System

Built-in checklists, letters and reports give you an efficient, intuitive process

With manual bank tickler tracking for exception monitoring, you’re always behind. It’s often unclear what you have and what you need from borrowers. As a result, efforts are duplicated; communication is inefficient; and producing reports is a dreaded chore. FISCAL TRACKING gets you up and running with real-time exception tracking right away; just add your customers and loans with our fiscal tracking software to get started. 

TRACKING is designed with real-world relationships in mind, especially the potential complexities of related parties. Even the largest relationships, and loan management workflows are easy to set up, with straightforward connections in the Related Parties table.  So Officers can clearly see everything in a relationship and Letters always go to the right person for the right items.

Consistent Communication 

Focused reports and notifications make it clear what you have and what you need     

Our loan exception tracking software keeps everyone in sync, starting with a dashboard view of the entire process, so you have real-time insight. Officer reports and customer letters make it easy to communicate proactively across departments; and FISCAL TRACKING does the heavy lifting, so you get all the reports you need with just a few clicks.

When loan portfolio management, and tracking systems customers and officers know what’s coming due, there are no surprises. Lending and operations run smoothly with our tickler system software, so that time and resources stay focused on production. Portfolio exception tracking compliance is easily demonstrated with our loan analysis software, without a last-minute scramble, earning our exception and tickler tracking, and portfolio exception tracking users the highest marks from examiners for tracking of loans, and loan documentation.  

Flexible Process

Automated checklists, letters and reports with easy, case-by-case adjustments

For decades we’ve helped our customers track ticklers and exceptions, and we’ve found that most of them are tracking mostly the same things on most of their borrowers, most of the time. As a result, our efficient, intuitive process works well right out of the box.

At the same time, we recognize that small business lending is never one-size-fits-all.  Borrowers have multiple guarantors, financial quality varies, and relationships go beyond what your core loan tracking system can tell you. So FISCAL TRACKING makes it easy to change checklists produced by our templates; letters and reports allow extensive ad-hoc adjustments; and changes can be easily saved as new templates.

With a clean portfolio and efficient operations, everyone is happy.

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  • Built-in Templates 
  • Easily Add/Remove/Copy/Change
  • Auto-advance Items                            
  • Flag Critical Items


  • Detailed by Customer, Category, or Officer
  • Summary by Aging, Category, or Officer
  • Related Party Exceptions & Exposure
  • Portfolio Concentrations


  • Print or send emails from your server
  • Personalize and Customize
  • Multiple Templates
  • Coming Due and Past Due


  • Customers with/without Exceptions
  • Types of exceptions by category & aging
  • Items Received & Coming Due
  • Flagged Items

We can help your whole team stay ahead of exceptions.

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