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FISCAL’s financial spreading & tickler tracking software was designed with credit unions in mind

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Customizable Templates Consistent Reporting Loan Officer Dashboards

Streamline Data Entry with Simple Templates

FISCAL is designed with credit unions in mind.

Don’t have a dedicated analyst with years of underwriting experience? FISCAL’s got you covered. FISCAL’s templates follow tax returns line-by-line, so you can key the data exactly as it appears on the form. With smart templates, there’s no need to have in-depth knowledge of the ins-and-outs of financial analysis or manipulating Excel. 

But that’s not all. You can utilize FISCAL’s optional tax return scanning interface to eliminate manual data-entry altogether. Powerful AI scans the tax return and fills in most of the relevant data for you, while still allowing you to make changes if needed. 

Customization is key. And that’s why FISCAL enables you to make adjustments as you go. Enter in cash flow adjustments, footnotes and explanations, or detailed borrower information only when and where it makes sense to do so.

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Consistent Communication 

Supplemental Resources and Clear Credit Packages  

Take the brain work and research off your team’s plate. 

FISCAL links to the RMA’s Guide to Spreading Financials, Definition of Ratios, and other key information right from the spreads. Plus, FISCAL’sUser Manual includes descriptions of the various ratios and their specific calculations, as well as background on the use/function of the ratio or value. With all the data you need in one place, even your new employees can get started right away using FISCAL. Still not sure?  FISCAL’s support team is available to answer questions and provide additional resources!

Utilize FISCAL’s Summary Narrative report to show the various ratios/values in an easy-to-digest graph form, with comparison to benchmarks. It even creates a trends analysis narrative for you automatically! Copy and paste directly into your Credit Memo or Loan Presentation, eliminating duplicate data entry and the potential for typos.

Plus, our Standard Credit Memo templates provide a logical, intuitive approach to structuring the “story” of the credit request, for new loans, renewals, and annual reviews. Standard templates create a Word document output, balancing smart automation with flexibility and end-user control. Already have a Credit Memo template?  FISCAL’s tool can populate its fields directly into your existing Word or Excel document.

Flexible Process

Tickler Tracking, Reports, and Portfolio Concentrations

Business lending isn’t the bread and butter for most credit unions. But we understand the need to compete with banks in your area. Meeting your member’s needs comes first – but it isn’t always your team’s specialty. 

FISCAL enables you to send friendly reminder letters to members before their required tracking items become past due. Plus, you can notify them well in advance of loans that are maturing soon. Not only will your team have visibility into tracking and reporting, but your members will benefit from friendly, proactive communications instead of past due notices. 

Give your Officers direct access to reporting so they can communicate and document needs with members clearly and up front. No more back and forth trying to determine what you have and what you need; with FISCAL, everyone is on the same page.

Portfolio concentration reports reassure the NCUA examiners that you’re keeping a tight rein on your Member Business Lending portfolio with a suite of reports showing Loans By: Customer, Indirect Liability, Related Parties, Call Code, Collateral, Loan Type, and more!

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Why Use FISCAL at Your Credit Union

FISCAL was designed for credit unions from the outset – not as an afterthought

FISCAL has been implemented by hundreds of Credit Union users and multiple CUSO’s

⅔ of our new clients in 2022 were credit unions which means our product roadmap will always seek to accommodate for your unique needs

We’ve worked with Credit Unions for decades – even before the passage of H.R. 1151

Our pricing is based on your Business Lending portfolio and number of users. So you’ll only pay for what you need

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